Resize or Compress bulk images in Windows10 built in feature

Windows 10 Built in feature to resize or compress bulk images.

I am sharing a method to resize or compress bulk images in Windows 10. I promise this would be built in feature of Windows 10.

You do not need any third party software Some website offer you to to compress and resize the pictures online. No need to upload photos that may contain some confidential information over the internet. The problem is there we always do not want to share information for the internet.
There are also many softwares that can do the job but I also do not feel very comfortable of downloading and testing number of softwares into my computer. Because every time I tried to resize images software have limitations of compressing the very little number of pages in after that they require money from. I used to get image samples for testing. It was really great sample. Thanks to them,
I am providing you the best way to resize the pictures with built-in features windows 10. Here we go.

Step 1:  Getting ready to Resize or Compress bulk image

Press windows key + r. Now You See Run box. Type “%temp%” (without quotes) and press enter.

Step 2:  Understating things before resizing bulk images

I recommend you to select all the files in the temp folder by pressing Ctrl + A together. Delete all the folders and files from the temporary directory. Your computer never needs anything into the temporary folder. But there is no problem if you do not want to delete temp files. Keep folder open.

Step 3: Getting close to image compression

Go to the folder where you have all the images that you want to resize. Select all the images by pressing Ctrl + A together. Right click on the images in click on send to and then select mail recipient.

Step 4: Selecting files to resize and compress

Select the new size that you want to give to your pictures. You can also come here the size here by selecting original size and also wise actor new size that you want. And click on attach.

Step 5: Finding the Resized Compressed images in bulk.

Now you will see all the pictures transferred to the temple that we have already open previously.

NOTE: Now your computer will give an error that the program is not associated with your computer or something.

Be Careful: Do not click on Ok. Otherwise it will delete all the converted images from the temp folder and you have to follow all steps again.

Step 6: Get your Bulk Resized Images and save them

Copy all the images from the temp folder and paste them to any directory that you want.

Now you make me call ok because it is going to war all the photos transferred to the temp folder.

Congratulations, successfully resized for compressed bulk images in Windows 10 with the built-in feature.

In the end

It was little tricky but there was interesting. If you also feel it was good, You can share my post.

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